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16–18 November: DEEP – Water Well-being Challenge

To promote water-based well-being, the BlueNordic project, Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) and Helsinki Think Company, in collaboration with Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) and Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science (HELSUS), are introducing DEEP – Water Well-being Challenge.

Time: 16 November at 5pm – 18 November at 2pm

Venue: Think Corner, Yliopistonkatu 4, Helsinki

Applications: by 23 October here

Consisting of two separate challenges, DEEP brings together academics from multiple disciplines and actors from the public, private, and third sector to co-create solutions for well-being and sustainable business from lakes, rivers or the Baltic Sea.

The challenges

Challenge 1: Blue services focuses on sustainable new services and business concepts for enhancing human well-being based on water/aquatic environments. Apply on your own or with your 2–5 person team and bring your pre-existing idea. We are looking for solutions for services ranging from everyday life to recreation, education and care.

Challenge 2: Blue access is all about envisioning policies and planning models to tackle the issue of accessibility, taking into account the principles of sustainability. Apply on your own and we will build a team for you. All you need is a passion for increasing the citizens’ accessibility to water environment.

In this challenge, you will work together to reform the policies and planning in the use of water environment. Your solutions can revolve around any of the following themes: 1) Care & Social Inclusion 2) Education 3) Housing & Work 4) Recreation & Tourism.

What is in it for the teams?

DEEP – Water Well-being Challenge is aimed for all innovators: students, entrepreneurs and service providers as well as those with business prospects related to blue well-being. We support all teams with tailored mentoring from dedicated content experts sourced from our networks. Furthermore, DEEP is an excellent forum for networking and building capital to make real impact.

The best three teams of the Blue Services challenge will be granted prizes of 1,500, 1,000 and 500 euros respectively.

Blue Access challenge teams have a chance of getting their solution published in the Water and Well-being: Streams in Research and Practices publication conducted by BlueNordic researchers.

More information

If you have any questions regarding the challenge, please contact Mr. Iiro Uotila by phone +358 505 936 529 or by email at