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The first comprehensive overview on aquaculture education in the Nordic countries published

The BlueNordic project has conducted a study on aquaculture education in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Iceland. With special emphasis on education on recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS), the study shows rather wide yet fragmented educational offering at university and vocational level on the rapidly growing industry.

Norway is a superpower in aquaculture and also leads the way in education with seven universities and 13 vocational schools offering aquaculture studies. Other four countries are approximately as big in total, in terms on numbers of schools with education on aquaculture. The study programmes vary from short courses of a specific topic to entire master’s curricula.

Although various opportunities for students exist in all five countries, the report shows some concerns in respect with the resources and cooperation between schools. Particularly in RAS training, there is a clear need for collaboration to maximize knowledge sharing and available resources.

Furthermore, the researchers suggest that courses where both students and industry people would study together would be organized. In addition to practical reasons, it could prove useful from the learning perspective.

For more information, please read the report here.

New RAS course in August

University of Jyväskylä are organizing a RAS course as part of their summer school, with Michael Timmons from the Cornell University as teacher. For more information, please visit the university’s website.

More information:
Juhani Pirhonen, senior lecturer, University of Jyväskylä,

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