Nordic Road Map for Blue Bioeconomy

Seizing the Potential for Sustainable Growth



Dear friends of Blue Bioeconomy!

Finland has the Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers in 2016. The chairmanship program focuses on water, nature and people. Finland has also launched a three-year program (2016-2018) to develop and implement a Nordic Roadmap for Blue Bioeconomy. The work is done in close collaboration with the Nordic countries.

The Nordic countries have well developed sustainable policies and management systems for industries that are based on marine and freshwater resources. Also the cooperation among the Nordic countries in this field is extensive. The objective of developing a Nordic Roadmap for Blue Bioeconomy is to take this cooperation to a  further level by coordinating efforts in research and development and by developing smart regulation. The ultimate objective is to embark on a growth trend that will boost the Blue Bioeconomy sectors.

We hope that you as the best experts will join us in developing the Nordic Roadmap, which is the subject of an international conference in Helsinki 31.5.-1.6.2016. Registration to the conference can be done at the website

I wish you warmly welcome,

Kimmo Tiilikainen
Minister of Agriculture and the Environment, Finland

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