Nordic Road Map for Blue Bioeconomy

Seizing the Potential for Sustainable Growth



BlueNordic is a project for networking and finding opportunities for joint research and innovation projects. Funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers and coordinated by Natural Resources Institute Finland, the project aims to accelerate collaboration between research institutes, companies and the public sector in the Nordic countries, and thus, create blue growth.

In the summer of 2016, we organised a two-day Conference on the Nordic Road Map for Blue Bioeconomy. The event gathered hundreds of people on-site and online via live stream to discuss how we could seize the potential of blue growth together. Now, the next phase of implementing the road map has begun.

Our work is divided into four work packages:


We welcome everyone involved or interested in the above mentioned research and business areas to collaborate with us and create blue growth.

Want to know more? Please contact:

Anssi Ahvonen
+358 295 327 248
Eero Mikkola
+358 295 322 140