Nordic Road Map for Blue Bioeconomy

Seizing the Potential for Sustainable Growth



BlueNordic is a project for networking and finding opportunities for joint research and innovation projects. Funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers and coordinated by Natural Resources Institute Finland, the project aims to accelerate collaboration between research institutes, companies and the public sector in the Nordic countries, and thus, create blue growth.

In the summer of 2016, we organised a two-day Conference on the Nordic Road Map for Blue Bioeconomy. The event gathered hundreds of people on-site and online via live stream to discuss how we could seize the potential of blue growth together. Now, the next phase of implementing the road map has begun.

Our work is divided into four work packages:



Aquatic Biomasses


Aquatic Resources
for Well-being


Water Technology
and Knowhow

We welcome everyone involved or interested in the above mentioned research and business areas to collaborate with us and create blue growth.

Want to know more? Please contact:

Anssi Ahvonen
+358 295 327 248
      Eero Mikkola
+358 295 322 140


Water technology and knowhow

Thanks to cutting-edge knowhow in water technology and management, the Nordic countries have the cleanest waters in the world. Be it Arctic knowhow, world-leading technology for water safety or understanding on waste water management, our research and innovations could be utilized even more all over the globe.

Coordinated by Finnish Water Forum, the working package aims to activate collaboration between private and public sectors in the Nordic. We facilitate finding partners for joint research projects as well as new innovations and business for companies, both abroad and in our home markets. Working closely together, we aim to see larger-scale projects, get funding for research and innovation, and grow our networks with international partners and customers.

Aquatic biomasses

The biomasses of Nordic aquatic environments have a huge potential. The question is not only about fish and its byproducts, but also about other biomasses such as macro and micro algae and other water organisms. At present, the aquatic biomass is not sufficiently exploited, and the production of new added value products is still in its infancy. In addition to food, new added value products could be developed for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, special feeds, and special chemicals, for example.

The aim of the work package is to create a Nordic network of excellence which could share information, learn from each other, and apply funding for joint research projects concerning exploitation of aquatic biomasses. This will be achieved by identifying the actors in the research sector and the needs of the industry sector, by assessing the mutual goals and synergy in cooperation.

Face-to-face meetings will be arranged with the representatives of Nordic research institutes and industry. In the autumn of 2017, we will organise a workshop to which all willing representatives are welcome.

Aquatic resources for well-being

Nordic countries have excellent opportunities to utilize aquatic environment for welfare and recreation services. Until now, this potential has been commercialised only partially.

In the “Blue care” work package, we create a Nordic network, which will further define common contents and develop concepts. At first, we monitor existing actors and research infrastructures. Common definitions and goals will be clarified in workshops. The aim of the work package is to ensure joint Nordic funding in research, development and innovation calls.


RAS (Recirculating aquaculture systems) farming is maturing to become an important part of the aquaculture sector. In the autumn of 2017, this work package organises an expert meeting in Finland to visit RAS farms which are synergistically located at a pulp mill area, and to discuss collaboration in, especially, RAS education as well as Research & Development initiatives between the Nordic organisations.


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Nordic Road Map for Blue Bioeconomy: #BlueNordic
On May 31 – June 1, 2016 we organised an international seminar to develop the Nordic Road Map for Blue Bioeconomy. Held at the House of the Estates, Helsinki, Finland, the event gathered over 100 guests. Furthermore, 300 people were enjoying the live stream online.